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Build relationships

Keep your audience up to date on all the exciting things that are happening in your company or industry.

Deliver value

Position your brand as an authority by sharing valuable content that your audience wants.

Gain insights

Get detailed reports about your audience so that you can develop your social media strategy.

Update your social strategy

Social media isn’t just for companies with cool products anymore.

It also works for B2B brands selling complex solutions to end-users and even companies in boring industries.

If you haven’t gotten any results on social media up until this point, then it’s time to update your strategy.



of C-level and VP-level buyers in an organization



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of B2B brands have gained customers through social media

Get in front of the right people

The good news is that B2B social media users are already looking for business-specific, industry-related content.

That means you’re more likely to convert them into leads if you post the right content, at the right time, and on the right platform.

A great place to start is on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Increase your brand awareness

Don’t forget your target audience, goals, and brand personality when doing B2B social media marketing.

By incorporating them into your strategy, you’ll see an increase in your brand’s awareness and conversion rates.

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“Jerome was a great to work with — responsive, courteous, thoughtful and a great writer who values precision! He worked on our social presence and supported our content efforts, and had an innate understanding of brand and tone, no edits needed. I highly recommend his work (especially if you are B2B).”

— Susan Su, former Head of Growth at Reforge.com and Growth Marketer at Stripe (currently Head of Portfolio at Sound Ventures)

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