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The company develops software that helps Fortune 500 companies improve operational efficiency, employee safety, and cost savings. Their platform enables enterprise managers to make data-driven decisions in a wide range of use cases.



Develop a lead scoring framework for a database containing over 15,000 contacts.

Services Provided
Marketing Automation

Benefits summary

Improved lead quality

Shorter sales cycle

Increased marketing ROI


The company wanted to develop a lead scoring framework so they could quickly identify qualified leads within their contact database and increase the performance of their marketing campaigns. They had the following requirements:

  • Create lead scoring using behavioral and event-based properties
  • Sync contact information across HubSpot and Salesforce CRM
  • Develop dashboards to provide visibility into lead nurturing, marketing performance, and conversion rates


Successfully implemented a complex lead scoring framework that assigned quantitative values to contacts based on their probability of converting into a paying customer.

  • Setup dashboards on Google Analytics and HubSpot to validate the performance of the lead scoring framework
  • Developed nurture campaigns to re-engage leads
  • Implemented API integration between HubSpot and Salesforce to increase coordination between marketing and sales teams


The company’s lead scoring framework led to a higher volume of SQLs and helped streamline the marketing process. The project has yielded numerous benefits:

  • Reduced sales cycle by 50%
  • 8% month over month increase in revenue
  • Greater cost savings on existing marketing campaigns

Lead Scoring Framework

Lead Scoring Updated

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