Case Study

Trusted Employees

About the client

Trusted Employees has been helping businesses, non-profits, and volunteer organizations automate their employment screening process since 1994. The company provides a tailored and compliant approach to background checking that enables businesses to find candidates with the right knowledge, experience, and credentials.

Security, Software

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Align sales and marketing teams, develop analytics dashboards, and implement workflow sequences.

Services Provided
Marketing automation

Benefits summary

Better marketing efficiency

Improved data visualization

Greater customer experience


Trusted Employees was seeking a partner to help migrate their existing marketing campaigns to HubSpot and improve alignment between their marketing and sales teams. They had the following requirements:

  • Automate repetitive marketing and sales activities
  • Implement integration between HubSpot and existing CRM
  • Improve cross-functional performance tracking


Successfully imported all required campaigns to HubSpot by implementing best practices to minimize disruption to customer experience.

  • Created dashboards to track KPIs across marketing and sales teams
  • Developed automated workflow sequences for improved lead nurturing
  • Resolved API integration errors with existing CRM to improve visibility between both platforms
  • Modified custom contact properties to streamline marketing data management


Trusted Employees now has a fully optimized marketing automation workflow that’s fueling the company’s digital growth strategy. The project yielded numerous benefits:

  • Faster deployment of A/B testing and marketing campaigns
  • Improved data accuracy across entire marketing and sales funnel
  • Increased retention rates among existing customers in the CRM database

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